Nowadays, the “Green” living is becoming a lifestyle that every one of us trying to achieve in order to
save the environments from further deterioration.

Cromwell Enviro has been pursuing this concept as the vision of the company since 2007.

As a water treatment specialist, we are continuously implementing and developing environmentally
friendly solutions in our water treatment products and services.

We are specifically providing products and designing solutions that require no/very low chemical and
maintenance with very minimum energy usage.

We are the leader in providing new technologies & innovations in water purification system brought to
real world in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

Our products and services are ranging from clean water, pool & spa, to drinking water, in which we
apply breakthrough technologies such as: Ion, Ozone, and Membrane systems.

To better care our valuable clients and friends, all of our products carry 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
that will protect any investment made on our products and services.

At last but not least, we are here to help and encourage others to bring better, healthier, and “Greener”
living…..starts from the most essential element in life…..water.

Roy Sunarso
President Director