Recent Projects

Our recent projects : - Villa Kuwum, Kerobokan Bali Product : ScaleBlaster SB-150 "A Water Softener Alternative" ScaleBlaster is an innovative product that offers a true scientific breakthrough in technology. It's integrated circuitry produces a unique complex modulating frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties. Especially designed for hard water areas and tank less water heaters. Is the most powerful residential unit on the market and at affordable price. - Kembali Villa, Seminyak Bali Product : ScaleBlaster SB-150 "A


Sources of hardness & the solution

Hardness in water is defined as concentration of multivalent cations. Multivalent cations are cations (positively charged metal complexes) with a charge greater than 1+. They mainly have the charge of 2+. These cations include Ca2+ and Mg2+. These ions enter a water supply by leaching from minerals within an aquifer. Common calcium-containing minerals are calcite and gypsum. A common magnesium mineral is dolomite (which also contains calcium). Rainwater and distilled water are soft, because they also contain few ions. The following


Recent Project With Novotel Lombok, NTB

We've just completed a new project with Novotel Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat at July 2011. Why they are choose Cromwell product ? here's the reason : Cromwell give a satisfaction guarantee with "30 Days Money Back Guaranteed". Not only that, Cromwell also offer free water analysis test, to check your water substances. Cromwell is the best choice to keep your water clean and free from bacteria, virus and heavy metal contents.  


Recent Project With Upama Villa, Sanur – Bali

We've just completed a new project with Upama Villa, Sanur Bali. ScaleBlaster as the choice. This equipment is effective to deactivate calcium and magnesium composite in water. How does it works ? ScaleBlaster uses electromagnetic induction which produce and neutralized  calcium carbonate in water molecule. As a result, the calcium carbonate will not make damage to the pipes, or any end user devices such as water heater, coffee maker,