Indoguna Bali

ScaleBlaster from Cromwell Enviro takes away all of our problems with Calcium. We find NO MORE Calcium built up and scales on our devices. Great Product!! Sarita Sanowi, General Manager of Indoguna Bali

Tugu Hotel

Ever since we use ScaleBlaster, we find no more problems of Calcium build up and scale on our sanitary, water heater, and boiler. It also frees us from plumbing leakage. ScaleBlaster is a great product and we highly recommend it.
Lucienne Anhar, Tugu Hotel-Bali

Service is the hallmark of Cromwell Enviro.
Mrs. Lanny Leiman


The following our initial report before installation of ScaleBlaster : Frequent alarm high temp due to improper water circulation, Equipment availability was less, Water cooled parts life considerably low.

The units installed easily with no plumbing required, the units required no maintenance after installation, no chemical were necessary for operation. Making this unit considerable more economical to install

After 90 days field test result in a noticeable difference in surface of inner pipe lines at water cooling parts. In general, the ScaleBlaster SB-600 tested to be an effective & zero maintenance equipment.
P. ACHAR, Mechanical Superintendent